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What to read....

                                                           ~ Thich Nhat Hahn

Tools to practice ... 


SE™ Crisis, Stabilization, and Safety Aid

SCOPE​ is a Somatic Experiencing® toolkit comprised of SE core principles of titration (slowing down), tracking bodily experience, orienting, pendualting and engaging the social nervous system. These simple self-directed SE interventions help interrupt the stress response and create a sense of calm and safety that can build a heathy resilience to life's stressors over time.​

SCOPE stands for:

S- Slow down - titration: re establish nervous system balance by slowing down to help make what is overwhelming more manageable

C- Connect to the Body - tracking sensations and other felt experiences

O- Orient to the here-and-now - establish an experience of safety

P - Pendulate - shift attention between contraction and expansion, such as pain and ease. 

E- Engage socially - establishing connection with another person, an animal or nature to help the nervous system come back into balance. 

SCOPE was developed for veterans attending the Returning Home retreat as a way to remember and access the SE retreat toolkit.

Returning Home Veterans Retreat

Vagus Nerve

The vagus nerve is the longest nerve in your body and regulates key functions such as social engagement, digestion, heart rate, breathing, vocal prosidy, alertness/ consciousness, and emotional regulation.

Vagus Nerve Massage

1). Neck: Start by gently massaging the neck. The vagus nerve runs down the jugular vein pathway. Be sure to massage that pathway.

Straw Breathing: While massaging the neck start breathing out like you are breathing through a straw. This stimulates the vagus nerve which can be very calming, settling.

2). Ears: move to the ears, massage and gently pull the earlobes, tops of the ears and inside the ear where the ridges are. Continue with straw breathing.

3). Eyebrows: There are nerve endings between the eye brows. Find where it is tender and make gently circular motions with your fingers, massaging the ares between your eye brows. We hold a lot of tension in that area. Continue straw breathing.

4) Nostrils: find the tend points either side of the nostrils. Gently massage with circular motions. Continue straw breathing.

5). Chin: Under Lowe lip, in front of chin there are nerve endings, find the tender place and gently massage like above. Continue straw breathing.

6). Face: massage all of the face in ways that feel good to you.

7). Cradle Face: Create a V by putting the base of your palms together and rest your chin in the V. Drop your head, feel the weight of your head in your palms. Bring to mind and heart someone you love dearly. You can also bring to mind and animal or a place in nature you love dearly. Imagine that they are with you holding you in this way. Supporting you. 

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